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Fired Up for First Friday

I've become a food truck fanatic and its all thanks to Venice Beach's First Friday

Back in my hometown of Eugene Oregon we have something called BeerGarden. It's a place where you can go with friends grab a beer and choose from the different local food trucks that we have to offer. It's a good experience and something that I always go back to when I head back home, but after going to Los Angeles and experience what First Friday has to offer it pales in comparison. I don't know what it is about First Friday that gets me so excited to go every time. Maybe it's all different food the trucks have to offer, or maybe it's the energy that's built up around it. Most of that energy being self built of course. But nevertheless it's something I really enjoy going to. Currently I live in San Diego California and love to make the best out of my LA trips and First Friday is a go to for me when I have the chance.

I've only been to First Friday a few times but really enjoy what they've done with the whole experience. Abbot Kinney Blvd the creators of the event do a really good job getting the best food trucks in town to make an appearance. Along with that just like the name says First Friday is hosted on the first Friday of every month and begins roughly around 5:00 PM from what I've experienced. The streets start to fill up with families, college students from neighboring universities, locals and travelers and the food trucks line the streets as far as the eye can see.

The last time I was fortunate enough to make the event was the 2018 December edition and really tried to take it all in. For myself I really wanted to take see everything they had to offer so I walked the full street twice looking at every food truck and everything they had to offer. I ended up choosing the LoveBird Food truck and got a great tasting chicken sandwich. My brother in the other hand who lives in Los Angeles ended up getting a spicy pork burrito from Kogi Food Truck that was everything you asked and more. For people that don't know anything about First Friday it has all types of cuisine choices and allow people to show the creativity from the people behind the food as well showcase that person on a plate.

You can go to to see a full list of what they have to offer and to get up to date updates on First Friday events for the future. As well as a printable map to help find your way to your favorite truck.

For the people that are reading this and aren't sold about the food just yet, the dessert food trucks are something that will be definitely be calling your name. The first time I went to the event was way back in November of 2017 during my college days and I ended my experience with a strawberry shortcake churro ice cream from Ridges Food Truck and it hit all the taste buds. For the others that like something else Salt and Straw is huddled in between all the madness and makes for an even better reason to go.

I really do believe this is one of the best food truck experiences and would love for you to experience it for yourself in the future. The next upcoming First Friday will be held on the 1st of February at 5:00 PM, and if you find yourself in Los Angeles in the future checkout again for updates.

First of many food related posts to be shared here.

Best Seiji Maita

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